Valerie Riley

Valerie founded LifeSquire based on a set of core beliefs. The company’s employees should practice fairness, honesty, integrity and consideration for others. After all, those were the skills she employed during her time as an up-and-coming personal assistant. Riley parlayed those traits – practiced during a six-year career as a personal assistant and concierge in the Dallas area – into her own company, LifeSquire. 


Katie Gibbons

Katie grew up in Oklahoma City and attended Oklahoma State University and the University of Central Oklahoma. Gibbons is a LifeSquire manager. She handles client and employee relations, day-to-day company operations and functions as Riley’s right-hand woman. Her passion is empowering clients and lifestyle managers. Gibbons spends her free time with her husband and four pets – two dogs and two cats. She also enjoys hiking, reading and gardening.  


Lauren Carlson

Lauren is a native Oklahoman and is currently LifeSquire’s brand manager. She is the friendly voice behind all of LifeSquire’s social media posts. Her favorite day of the week is Wednesday -- that’s when the entire LifeSquire staff comes together for coffee to talk about business and life. When she’s not at work, Carlson spends time with her husband, Ty, and their dog, Fitzgerald. She also enjoys doing calligraphy, saying it’s a very calming hobby.


Allison Fife

Allison is from Sharpsburg, Ga., and has lived in Oklahoma for three years. She is LifeSquire’s office manager. Fife manages the company calendar of events and prospective client presentations. Her roles also include completing new hire paperwork and new hire training. She says her favorite part of the job is making an impact on clients’ lives in a positive manner every day. When she’s not working, Fife enjoys being outdoors and rock climbing.


Courtney Castelli

Courtney is from Hutchinson, KS., and has lived in Oklahoma for almost 2 years. She is LifeSquire’s Project Manager of Technology. Courtney manages the company website, LinkedIn, market research, and Her favorite part of the job is being able to directly bless our client's lives in such a unique way.  In her free time, Courtney enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, stepdaughter, and dog.


Elizabeth Adams

Elizabeth is a native Oklahoman and is currently LifeSquire’s assistant manager. She focuses her time on many administrative tasks like creating the schedule, managing expenses, and incoming paperwork from new hires and clients. Elizabeth is also the employee liaison. In her free time, Elizabeth spends time with her husband and two dogs