LifeSquire is a premier personal assistant resource. We offer monthly service packages to meet all of your needs, we also handle your one time projects, and we will interview and hire support staff to meet your needs.   Our assistants are trained through our LifeSquire Academy program, so that they can provide you with the best service in your home or office.



A personal assistant’s job is to take care of the details so that you can focus on the bigger picture. Your assistant can handle jobs such as laundry, grocery shopping, organization, babysitting, errands, office work, and more.


Do I get the same assistant every time?

You will have a primary assistant; however, you will also have the benefit of an entire team behind your assistant. We often have secondary assistants shadowing at your home, so we can always be prepared for the unexpected. Lastly, because this can be a transient position, our goal is to create a seamless service where you are attached to the company, not just one person.


Can I communicate directly with my assistant?

Yes. The LifeSquire App provides you with direct communication to your personal assistant. You can communicate about each task through the app.


What is the lifesquire app?

The LifeSquire App is the main source of communication between the client and personal assistant. The app allows clients to post tasks they need their personal assistant to complete, it allows one-on-one communication between both parties, and it also allows the client to monitor their expenses. For more information see our LifeSquire App page.


Where can i download the app?

The LifeSquire app is currently available for download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


Do I give my credit card to the assistant directly?

No. We keep your card information stored securely at the home office. Our employees will make purchases for you on a company credit card. We take the receipts from the transactions and will charge your card for the expenses. You can see all your expenses on the LifeSquire App.


Who are your assistants?

LifeSquire assistants are all employees of the company and undergo a background check. They are covered under our insurance and bond. Each assistant is also required to sign confidentiality agreements and non-competes in order to work with us. Once hired, our assistants go through extensive training through our LifeSquire Academy training program. Our assistants have varied backgrounds and education levels. We work to match the perfect assistant to your needs, so that you can rest assured that your LifeSquire will be prepared to take care of the details that overwhelm you.


What happens next? 

You will schedule a complimentary consultation so we can determine your needs and how we can best meet them. Consultations typically last 30 minutes to an hour and we can come to wherever is most convenient for you.


What is the next step after the consultation?

  • We send you an Action Plan detailing what we covered in the initial consultation.
  • You pick the package that best suits your needs and we send you a Client Agreement form to sign and return.
  • Once we have your paperwork back in office, we will assign an assistant that we believe is suited perfectly to your needs and schedule an introductory meeting.
  • We will discuss the best days/times for you during the introductory meeting and based on that information & our staff’s schedules, we will get your assistant scheduled to begin working with you!
  • We will train you on how to use the LifeSquire App, so that you can start adding tasks for your assistant.


What happens if i need help immediately?

Through the LifeSquire app you can send out an S.O.S. This will send a notification to all of our assistants and the home office that you need help immediately. One of our assistants will accept the request, and help you right then. When someone picks up the request, you will be notified. Read our S.O.S. blog post for more information on the S.O.S. feature.