The Right Employee At The Right Time

LifeSquire Connect provides you with the right person for your position. Every position is different, and we understand that. We customize and tailor our search to your needs. We are currently hire for the following positions:



Executive Assistants, Assistants, Clerical Positions, Receptionists, and Office Managers



Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Chief of Staff, Coordinators, and Management

personal assistant.png

Personal Assistant

Private and office personal assistants to work closely with you and help you get your time back.



Background checked nannies that meet all of your requirements to care for your children.


The Customized Experience

It doesn’t matter what your ideal employee looks like, LifeSquire Connect will find it.

Personality Testing

All candidates are required to take the professionally developed LifeSquire Personality Test and the StrengthsFinders test.


Every employee hired has access to our online or in-person LifeSquire Academy training program.

Job Placement

We use extensive background and hiring process to find the employee the matches all of your requirements

Time Commitment

It doesn’t matter if you are needing a full-time or part-time employee, you’ll have the staff member you need.


To get the employees you need, contact LifeSquire Connect.