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The Right Connection

Finding the wrong employee and turnover gets expensive. LifeSquire Connect draws upon our experience to recruit the right employee to meet your individual needs. Our job placement program will recruit, interview, personality test, and more to ensure we find the right employee to meet your support staff needs.

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How it works

LifeSquire Connect takes the work out of finding your next support staff employee. We will conduct customized searches to ensure you get the best-qualified person for your position. Here is what you get when you use us as your job placement service:


Finding the candidate

It starts with writing a post for your position and recruiting. We will then comb through the resumes and select candidates that could be the right fit for you.


The interview process

Our interview process is more than just a sit down discussion. We bring the candidates in, do a formal interview, and send them with homework. All potential candidates will take the LifeSquire Personality Test and the StrengthFinders test.

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Meet your employee

Once we have a potential fit for you, we will send you all of the information we have gathered and set-up a meeting with you. If you agree with our selection and make an offer, we will run a full background check on your new employee.


Ongoing education

Your new employee is then eligible to enroll in our handcrafted assistant training program, LifeSquire Academy. Your employee will also be eligible to join the LifeSquire Assocation. The association will provide assistants with support and information on an ongoing basis.

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