Tips on how to prepare for severe weather season you probably didn’t think about

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From damaging winds to tornadoes, it’s the craziest time of the year in Oklahoma. You already know that if a tornado is coming, you should seek shelter and watch or listen to the news until you know you are safe, but there are several things you should do before the bad weather hits.

We spoke with Hail Trace’s Lead Meteorologist John Choquette for some tips on severe weather safety.  Here are some of his tips to stay safe this tornado season:

  • Go into your storm shelter and clean it out. Make sure it is ready if you need it.

  • Put all of your important paperwork and medication in one spot so that it easy to grab if you have to take shelter or evacuate.

  • Purchase a portable phone charger and make sure it is charged.  A portable phone charger is “pocket juice,” according to Choquette.

  • Download weather apps and make sure to have the “loud, annoying, and scary notifications turned on your phone. Those noises will definitely wake you up if a storm comes in the middle of the night,” he said.

  • Create an emergency kit or go-bag that has products you need to survive for a few days.

Weather apps LifeSquire recommends

More and more weather apps are coming onto the market, but when you live in a state with high severe weather activity, you need apps that work when you need it.  Here are a few of the apps we use and trust:

  • MyRadar: This is an animated radar for your phone. You can easily zoom in and out on the app to see what is going on in your area. The radar is professional quality. This app will also send you push notifications about weather warnings in your area. Available for iOS or Android.

  • News 9 Weather: This app centers around the Oklahoma City area. It has been recently updated and shows you everything meteorologist David Payne is forecasting. You will get severe weather push notifications, you can set up to 5 preset locations to receive notifications about, and you can listen to local weather forecasts. Available for iOS and Android.

  • KFOR 4Warn Me: This app provides you with warnings and information about the weather, but it also includes live streaming of newscasts, breaking weather and news events. Available for iOS and Android.

If you don’t live in Oklahoma, look for apps from your local news stations. They often offer warnings and immediate coverage of your area.

What to include in your emergency kit

To be prepared for an emergency you need more than a few band-aids and an Ace bandage. We consulted the experts,, to find out what you should include in your kit. recommends:

  • At least 3 gallons of water per person, for sanitation and hydration

  • At least a 3 day supply of food for every person

  • Battery-powered or hand crank weather radio

  • Flashlight and batteries

  • First-aid kit

  • Whistle for signaling for help

  • Dust masks

  • Moist towelettes and garbage bags

  • Manual can opener

  • Portable batteries for cellphone

Extras we suggest:

  • Plastic ponchos

  • A small amount of spare cash

  • Emergency blankets for each person

  • Advil/Tylenol and wound care products

  • Extra batteries for flashlights

This is just the basic list, there are other things you can include. Visit their site for a full list to get you emergency ready.

How can LifeSquire help?

You have enough on your plate, so have your LifeSquire help. Your personal assistant is available to check your storm shelters and get them ready for you. Your assistant is also available to get the supplies you need and create your emergency kits. Just add a task to the LifeSquire App.

Don’t have a personal assistant? We can also help you. We offer assistant service on demand, by project, or on a monthly package basis. Contact us for more information about personal assistant service.


Post written by Deaven Cavnar, Content Marketing Manager