10 Spring cleaning hacks to spruce up your home

As the temperature warms up, you can’t help but get in the mood to clean up your home. From opening the windows to scrubbing the floors, it’s time to let the fresh air in and get the dust-out.

While you already know you should clean the ceiling fans and the baseboards, there are plenty of other tasks you may not have considered.  We have compiled 10 of our best Spring Cleaning hacks and wanted to share them with you.

Beat the kitchen sink stink

Does your kitchen sink have a smell you just can’t get out? Cut the rind of a lemon in thin slices and run it through the garbage disposal. Follow with cold water, and the stink will be gone.

Microwave magic

Heating up food can be so messy. Have you ever fought so hard to get those pesky stains off of your microwave that you ended up with a sore arm the next day? We have a trick to make it easier. In a microwave safe bowl, add a cup of water and a half a cup of vinegar. If you want you can add some of the lemons you didn’t use for the sink. Put it in the microwave and cook it for at least five minutes (maybe more). The solution should be boiling. Let the solution cool for 15 minutes before opening the door.  Remove the solution and wipe out the inside of your microwave.

Grocery bag grime

You’re saving the planet cutting out one plastic bag at a time, but did you know those reusable bags can hold bacteria and lingering food? Regularly run your grocery bags through the wash to keep the grime and germs away.

Get your stainless steel stainless

Keep those fingerprints at bay with an easy solution. Mix one teaspoon of dish detergent and one quart of hot water. Use a microfiber cloth and the solution to rub small circles on the spots. Rinse with hot water and dry immediately.

Junk busters

Go through your junk drawers and discard anything you haven’t used or needed in the last year. When replacing the leftover objects, use small organization containers to keep everything easily accessible. Your junk drawers will look less junky and more organized.

Makeup managed

It is important to keep your makeup current. Check expiration dates and discard anything that is expired. Not all products will have a specific date on the package, but they will say how many months they are good for after opening.

While you’re in your makeup storage, you should also clean your brushes. Put a drop of shampoo or dish soap onto your palm and rub the bristles into the soap. Gently work the suds into all of the bristles and hold the bristles down to rinse under the faucet. Gently shake and lay the brushes on a paper towel to dry.

Vacuum the hidden places

There are a lot of hard to reach places throughout your house. When you’re doing your deep cleaning, move your furniture and vacuum behind and underneath it. Even though these areas aren’t high traffic areas, they still collect a lot of dust.

Beautiful bookshelves

After reading your books or magazines, you may just throw them on the shelf. Instead of alphabetizing them (yes, we really do discourage this), organize by size and color. Your shelves will be more aesthetically pleasing. While you’re organizing the shelves, don’t forget to dust and remove any unwanted marks or stains.

Disinfect the toys

Make use of the dishwasher to wash your children’s and your pet’s toys. You can run all the plastic toys in the dishwasher on a quick cycle, just make sure you skip the heated dry. For stuffed toys, read the instructions on the tag. If the tag is missing, put the toys into a mesh bag or pillowcase and wash on the gentle cycle.

Appliances need love too

While you’re cleaning every crevice of your home, don’t forget about the big ones. Make sure you share some of the cleaning love with your appliances. You can get packets of cleaner to run through your dishwasher and your washer. Also, run the clean cycle on your oven, and make sure you clean out and wipe down the inside of your refrigerator. 


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Post written by Deaven Cavnar, Content Marketing Manager

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

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