LifeSquire’s mission is to be a blessing, but how?

How many times have you had to use that old saying, “sometimes life gets in the way,” when your friends or family mention they haven’t seen you in a while? We all say it, and we all say it often. Unfortunately, the part of life that gets in the way is the long hours in the office, the chores and errands, and all of the other requirements of adulting. Adulting often leads to less time with your friends and family that you used to.

When life starts impeding on your time, this is where LifeSquire steps in. We are passionate about easing the burdens that come from time poverty. You are overextended. We can help. Here’s how:

LifeSquire Direct

LifeSquire Direct offers a variety of services that will fulfill the needs of your home or office. We cater to busy individuals, working professionals, and businesses big and small to provide you with a top quality personal assistant, personal chef, and handyman.

How it works: LifeSquire offers services on a project basis, or you can have regular service by selecting one of our monthly packages. Are you not sure what all LifeSquire can do for you? The short answer is, practically anything, but here are some of the many tasks we constantly conquer:

  • Meeting service providers

  • Grocery shopping

  • Household management

  • Transportation

  • Home and office organization

  • Moving coordination, support, and packing/unpacking

  • Cooking and meal prep for any diet

  • Errands and shopping

  • Administrative Assistants for your office

  • Event planning

  • Travel planning

  • Break-up support and move coordination

  • Pet care

  • … and more!

LifeSquire Connect

Finding the wrong employee and turnover gets expensive. LifeSquire Connect draws upon our experience working with caretakers to recruit the right support staff employee to meet your individual needs.

How it works: Our job placement program doesn’t recruit for every position; we are specific to support staff team members. When we say support staff, we mean administrative positions, professional positions, personal assistants, virtual assistants, nannies, and more.

Once you are ready for us to find your next employee, we custom create an ad for your position and begin to recruit. We comb through the resumes and select a few qualified candidates to get more information from. We bring the selected candidates in for the first interview and send them home with homework, including two personality tests. Once we feel we have found a potential fit, we send you all the of the information we have gathered and set-up a meeting with you. After you pick your new employee, we will have them agree to a background check. Your new employee then will be eligible to enroll in our LifeSquire Academy assistant training program.  

LifeSquire Academy

Backed by over eight years of assistant experience, LifeSquire has developed a professional online (coming soon) or on location training program for your current and aspiring assistants, called LifeSquire Academy

The details: Through this training program, your assistant will learn how to meet and exceed your expectations. Some of the topics LifeSquire Academy covers include the psychology of assistants, etiquette, how to set and maintain professional boundaries, organizational styling, and time management.

LifeSquire On Demand

Never find yourself in a bind again. LifeSquire on Demand provides immediate assistant service seven days a week. When you use our S.O.S. function, a Squire will stop what they are doing to make sure your task is done right away. You can use this service for any tasks you can’t handle at that moment; some examples include picking up your children, picking up and bringing over forgotten party supplies, grocery shopping, feeding and taking your pets for potty breaks, and more.

How it works: If you live in the Oklahoma City metro area, you can take advantage of our On Demand service. On the LifeSquire App, select the S.O.S. button. Fill out your request and hit send. This request will instantly go out to all of our assistants. Once it is accepted, you’ll get a notification. This service is available for the low price of $1 a minute.  

Post written by Deaven Cavnar, Content Marketing Manager