Alarm Bells a Ringing, Kids a Screaming: Tips to Get Your Kids Back into Their Routine

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Summer is ending, and school has started. The kids are eager to learn and get more time with their friends, but by now summer has taken its toll. Your kids got used to the carefree summer life that didn’t involve alarm clocks, bedtimes, or the dreaded homework. They spent most of their days playing outside, going to various activities, and even staying up all night watching movies. But now the time has come, and they must gain some normalcy.

Getting into the vibe of school can be difficult, but after some time they will be back into the swing of things. Even though we know it will take an adjustment period, we thought we would share with you some tips on how to get their routine back.

Take advantage of the night

Taking advantage of their nights can be the best way to have a calm-ish morning. Here are some ways the nights can be used to get ahead:

  • Have them pick out their outfits for the next day.
  • Make sure homework is completed, and their backpack has all of the necessary supplies for the next day.
  • Pack their lunches. Read our Lunch Bites: Tips and Tricks to Make School Lunches Simple
  • Make DIY breakfasts. Set out supplies your kids will need to make themselves breakfast, think cereal, bowls, silverware, fruit, etc.
  • Check the school calendar to finish preparations for the next day.
  • Bath time happens at night. Having your kids bathe at night will not only ensure you get a hot shower, but it will also save you time in the morning.

Create your calendar

Your lives don’t stop once the school bell rings. This means you will still have events on the outside plus school events. Having two separate calendars can make this confusing and cause you to miss events. We suggest that you take your calendar and the school’s calendar and create a centralized one. This will help you stay on track of all your upcoming events.

Stick to the bedtime

Weekends mean they can stay up later, right? This may be true in most cases, but during the early transition, you should have your children stick to the same bedtime every night. Once they get in the habit of this sleep schedule, you can extend the hours for the weekend.

Create a homework station

Setting up a homework station will allow your children to be the most productive they can be. This station should be a dedicated spot in your house that they will always do their homework at. It should have the supplies they may need for most of their assignments, and provide them with a quiet work environment.

Plan those snacks

When the kids get home, the first thing they will want is a snack. They won't be heading to the homework station; instead, they will be opening up the refrigerator. Prepare for this by getting those snacks ready ahead of time. Pack them in snack size bags, so that when they open the refrigerator they have a variety of snacks to pick from.

Alone time

The last thing is to remember that you need some alone time. Getting some time alone will allow you to regain your focus and plan. Everyone needs “me time,” so don’t forget to take advantage of it.

Post written by Deaven Cavnar, LifeSquire Digital Media Strategist