It's Not Business, It's Personal

When people ask me what LifeSquire is, the short answer seems to only add more questions.  And as someone who has worked for the company for over a year, it's not a satisfying answer to give. How do you encompass what we do in just one or two sentences? It's almost impossible. But I'll give it a shot here in this blog. The question I get second after "What is LifeSquire?" is usually along the lines of "Why should I have LifeSquire?".

True, you could download a handful of productivity apps that, for most people, probably get the job done! And while they may make your to-do list more organized or send you haughty reminders about what’s left to do, they don’t promise that it will actually get done. The doing part still falls on your (already busy) shoulders. You can make more lists. You can make more money.  You can acquire more stuff. But you can’t make more time. Time that's needed to care for yourself, to be present with your family, to create memories; time to sit in silence with a good book.  There just isn’t an app on the market that adds extra hours to your day.

That's what makes your LifeSquire different than an app or even a call-in errand service. Do we run errands? Of course. Do we drive the kids and walk the dogs? On a daily basis! I don't need to bombard you with a list of what we do. But here's a thought: We are time benders, standing in for you during the day so that you can be present in other areas of your life that bring you joy. And there's no worry about whether or not the dry cleaning is going to get picked up. What we love to give our clients more than anything is peace of mind. Knowing that things are going to get done, and get done right.

And you're not just getting a personal assistant.  You're getting a LifeSquire, which includes all the security and comfort that comes with it.  We receive monthly training across a wide variety of topics related to client-care.  What’s more, when you hire LifeSquire, you aren’t getting just one person -  you're getting a whole team of expert caretakers with diverse skill sets and talents. Because of all the unique skills we each contribute to the team, we have yet to be given a task that can’t be handle. 

We do more than just cross things off a to-do list.  The kind of trust we build with our clients is a huge part of what sets us apart in the industry.  We take the time to learn our clients’ unique tastes and preferences.  We complete each task and project exactly to your specifications so it feels like you’re the one getting things done.  We know your favorite treat and how you take your coffee. Does an app know that Tuesdays are your busiest days and bring you your favorite Starbucks drink? If so, let me know what this magic is and how I can get it.

At the end of the day, I like to think that LifeSquire is more than just a company I work for. It's an entity that embodies support, dedication, and hard work. And it's why I do what I do for my clients!