How To Maximize Your Assistant

Finding the perfect assistant for you, your business, or your family can be a daunting process. However, the time you put in early on will pay off in the long run! Your assistant should be a complement to your personality as well as your shortcomings. If you struggle with organization, your assistant will keep your areas tidy and neat. If you are constantly running late or losing track of time, your assistant will keep you timely and focused. It is impossible to attain perfection in life, but a good assistant will be strong in the areas you are weak. Once you have that kind of support, life will become much simpler.

An assistant holds many roles in their position. They are achievers. They are learners. They take on responsibilities. These traits are a crucial part of their success as your assistant. It’s likely your assistant may not know how to do everything you need them to do. But they should have an eagerness to learn and conquer any skill in order to better assist you. More often than not, your assistant will have an innate need to nurture. Let them! It is not because they think you are incapable. Rather, it is their desire to care for and serve others. Taking advantage of that will bring fulfillment for both of you.

Client-assistant relationships work best when the two have adequate time to train together.  Time spent face-to-face is important in the early stages of the relationship. It allows your assistant to learn your expectations, your grievances, and develop an understanding of your needs. Open communication is incredibly important to building a solid foundation. With a strong start, your assistant will have all they need to fulfill your needs. The more an assistant can observe you making decisions and reacting to situations, the better they will learn to decide and react in your best interest.