Don't Stress the Mess

Stressed? Busy schedule? Can’t seem to focus? Your anxiety may not be caused by what you expect.

Look around your desk, your home and your car.  Are you one of those people who ends up with all kinds of clutter surrounding your home and workspace? Well, we’ve got some bad news for you. It’s possible the blame for your high stress levels is due to the mounds of paperwork on your desk, the disorganized closet and the messy mail table. 

A 2011 study from the Princeton Neuroscience Institute claimed that:

“Multiple stimuli present in the visual field at the same time compete for neural representation by mutually suppressing their evoked activity throughout visual cortex, providing a neural correlate for the limited processing capacity of the visual system.”

Whew, what a mouthful! Basically, your brain can only process so much of what it sees at one time. If there’s too much going on, the brain gets over stimulated and it can be difficult to stay focused.

(If you’re up-to-date on your scientific jargon, read the full study here.)

Excessive clutter makes it difficult to mentally and physically relax. Plus, research shows if your space stays cluttered, you’re more likely to add to the mess, setting you further and further behind with each passing day.

What does all this mean? That clutter surrounding your home is making you less productive and more stressed than you should be.

But there’s a solution.

It’s time to say “goodbye” to clutter and stress and “hello” to your new best friend, a Lifesquire professional organizer.  These folks have a knack for all things organizing and can help you lower those stress levels by several notches.

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