10 Signs You Might Need A Personal Assistant

Everyone likes to appear as though they have it all figured out, but sometimes we need a little help maintaining the illusion of perfection.

Here are 10 signs you might need a personal assistant:

1. You left the dog at soccer practice and dropped off little Johnny at the groomer. (Oh well, Johnny was due for a trim anyway.)

With a Lifesquire personal assistant by your side, we can take care of the dropping off and picking up of pets and children so you don't have to worry about a thing.

2. You lost your keys and found them in a Ziplock bag in the fridge.

When our services open up your schedule, you'll find yourself less frazzled. No more losing things in a frenzy is just what the personal assistant ordered. 

3. You’re always rushing to get to the post office at the last minute.  

No need to rush...we'll get all the shipping and mailing taken care of for you.

4. Balancing sleep time and workout time has become difficult. 

We all want time to live a healthier lifestyle. With all the time you get back, your schedule will be wide open for gym time. No more excuses! 

5. Locating the holiday decorations (or anything) at the back of the storage closet requires several hours and a small army. Often, these battles result in no decoration after all.

Not only can our professional organizers put that messy closet back in order for you, but we can also put up those holiday decorations, providing no-fuss holidays.

6. The pizza delivery employee knows your name and what “the usual” means. Finding time to get to the grocery store is a challenge…

Trips to the grocery store? We have that covered. You'll never go hungry again.

7. Remember that to-do list you made last week? You just found it in the pocket of a pair of dirty jeans…incomplete.

Leave your to-do list to one of our personal assistants. They'll make sure that list ends up completed this time...and not in the dirty clothes.

8. The words, “I need a vacation,” have escaped your lips several times in the past year, yet vacations remain untaken.

Lifesquire aims to give you back your weekends and your vacations. With one of our personal assistants by your side, you'll finally feel the breathing room to step away for that vacation you've been planning. We'll even keep things running smoothly while you're jet-setting.

9.  Your phone’s assistant bot isn’t getting the job done. 

Move over, Siri. Our personal assistants provide a human touch that no smartphone could possibly accomplish.

10.  On house clutter, you’ve reached your breaking point. 

A little clutter doesn't phase our personal organizers. We'll get things back in order so you can get back to what's important.

If any of the above situations are too close to home, don’t worry. You’re only a consultation away from a more organized life.

From personal services to business services and help from one of our professional organizers, Lifesquire has just the thing to give you back your weekends.