Maintaining Your Newly Organized Abode


Pristine shelves dotted with coordinating canisters.  Towel stacks that would make Bed Bath and Beyond jealous.  Your space is organized and so are you.  For now.  So how do you keep it that way?


Fairly simple, the one touch rule minimizes the number of times you interact with an item after you’ve finished using it.  Your coat for example; you walk in the door and throw it over the banister or bar stool.  Cut it out.  Take your coat directly to its home.  Touch it one time - the time that you take it off - and hang it where it belongs.  Otherwise, it’s floating around your kitchen, then it’s moved to the foyer, and then maybe it gets hung back up before you need it again. 


Do you really need duplicate (or triplicate) of an item?  Pens, maybe. Staplers, probably not.  While it’s not a bad idea to have back up, you can create a much simpler space by doing away with those non-essential multiples.  Create an out of sight, out of mind space for those back up items in a nearby closet or cabinet.  This frees up your functional spaces and allows you to focus on the task at hand. 


Ask yourself, "Do I really need this item? Does it fill an empty space or will it take up space instead?" If you must bring it home, can it replace something?  By removing one item for each new item you bring into the house, you can cut down on the amount of stuff when it comes time to purge again. 


A home management schedule is a great way to keep the little tasks from piling up.  Pick a time and day to handle the mail, gather the laundry, or clean out your refrigerator.  While these tasks only take a few minutes at a time, they can quickly snowball out of control if left unattended. 

Monday- Dust.

Tuesday – Wipe down bathrooms.

Wednesday – Swap out bed linens.

Thursday – Pay bills and sort mail.

Friday – Clean out fridge.


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