I am LifeSquire - Courtney


Here at Lifesquire we are incredibly blessed to have a rock solid team of assistants who love to be a blessing to you and the community. Every week on Twitter we let one of our assistants take over and live tweet their days, but 140 characters just isn’t quite enough to truly showcase how amazing this team is. We are beginning a series where we showcase a day in the life of our assistants and also some fun facts about them. Our inaugural “I am Lifesquire” post will be from Courtney. Courtney has been with Lifesquire for just over a year and is a fantastic asset to our team. Without any further ado, here is a day in the life of Courtney. 


7:00am: My weekday’s usually start at about 7am. I wake up do my personal routine and then get ready for work. I start my to-do list for my morning and afternoon clients. This gets my mind focused on what is to come and allows me to not stress when I arrive at my clients’ home or business. Breakfast is a must as I leave and nothing beats scrambled eggs in a cup. 

9:00am: I arrive at my morning client’s personal business. It is a store that sells pools, hot tubs, and saunas. When I arrive I check-in with the workers to make sure they don’t need anything urgent from me and continue with other tasks. The store doesn’t actually open until 10am, so all the employees are completing their duties and almost always someone asks for assistance.

10:00am: The store is now open for customers and the phone line is turned on. My duties include, but are not limited to, answering the phone, helping in store customers, cleaning the store, organizing invoices/paperwork, packing up online orders for customers, designing an animated pool using their design software, running errands or grabbing lunch for everyone.

12:00pm: This is the point in the day where I usually go pick up lunch for everyone. It also gives me a chance to get some fresh air. Today happens to be the day after some employees get back from a spa show, which means lots of data entering from the weekend. I have been trained for awhile on how to enter sales orders into their system, so I am the go to person after a spa show is complete. 

2:00pm: Now it’s time to leave the spa store. I take out my lunch box, eat lunch, and start driving to my next client. 

2:30pm: My next client is also a business owner and I help at her house as well. If I haven’t received any text messages from her, then I start with my to-do list created from the mornin

3:00pm: I arrive at her house and I am greeted by her lovely fur children. I start laundry immediately, so that I know I will have time to wash and dry the items. Then the tidying of the house begins: putting away clothes, shoes, dishes, wiping counters, taking out the trash, etc. I love knowing that I can completely turn my clients house around in just a few short hours. It goes from messy and unorganized to perfectly clean how she likes it.

 5:00pm:  My client just texted me that she needs light bulbs and filters for her store.  I head out to the store and get those items.  I personally deliver them to the store keeping her from having to stress at all.  She knows I am there for her whenever she needs me and I love that!

6:00pm:  I arrive home and start writing my wrap ups for each client and preparing for the next day.  I organize my receipts and clean out my bag as well.  Nothing better in the mornings than having all your work stuff almost ready to go!


  • You are most likely to see me here on a Saturday: Outside Somewhere
  • Secret talent: Great listener
  • Favorite movie: Inside Out