I am LifeSquire - Allison


We might give Allison a hard time, but the truth is we would be a little lost without her. She came to LifeSquire two years ago and has blossomed into an all-star assistant. The clients who have gotten to work with Allison over the years absolutely love her. She is constantly reaching out to the team to make sure everyone feels included and making sure that everyone gets help if they need it. Allison constantly surprises us with her hidden talents. LifeSquire is lucky to have Allison on our team. Here’s a little peak into a day in the life of Allison.


7:30am: I usually start my days around 7:30am after hitting the snooze button a couple times! I enjoy taking a little time in the morning to get ready, accessorize, and look nice for the day. I check my text messages and email for any urgent requests that might have come through during the night and plan my day accordingly. I grab my coffee, my puppy Juni in tow and head out the door!

9:00am: Brought my client some fresh coffee while she was getting her hair done today! A random act of kindness is always a good way to start the day.

9:30am: After dropping off some sweet birthday and anniversary cards to a few clients, I drop my dog off at Doggie Daycare and arrive at my first location of the day. I get to assist a local pie shop deliver pies to restaurants! I go through the wholesale inventory, load of my car full of pies and hit the road!

11:30am: I enter my next client’s house through their garage, so the laundry room is the first place I start. I try to get through at least two loads before I leave. Then I start tidying their home. I love that I can help make my client’s space a peaceful environment when they come home after a stressful day at work.

1pm: After checking on the team to see how everything is going, I start driving to my next stop of the day. Around this time I crack open my lunch box and eat some lunch on my way. A lot of times we eat on the fly, but I’d much rather be on the go!

1:30pm: I tag team my next clients with one of my co-workers to give them the best service we can give them. We make sure their home is tidy and any projects they have on going are in motion. I generally focus my time on straightening the home and making sure the household products and groceries are well stocked. They also have a huge, sweet German Shepherd that we love on while we’re there.

4:30pm: One of my other duties is to help with marketing efforts and networking, and baking is one of my passions. It’s like therapy to me, and I get to put it to good use by making treats for our marketing deliveries. We choose 2-3 businesses a week to bless with homemade treats! It’s part of our motto: Be a Blessing, and one of my favorite things about our company. It’s all about the PEOPLE. I also answer the office phone during the day.

6:30pm: I start making sure my recaps for my clients and any expenses are turned in to the company and begin winding down for the evening.


  • What’s your favorite memory of LifeSquire? : I have many favorite memories. But I think one of my favorite to reflect on is when I started here at LifeSquire. I got to shadow with our founder Valerie, who trained me my very first day. I even went on a consultation! It was not a common first training day, but it was perfect.
  • What is your favorite book? : The count of Monte Christo
  • What is your favorite quote? : “Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." Christopher Robin to Pooh
  • Tell us something quirky about you. : I lived in 6 different states before I was 21
  • Where are we most likely to see you on a Saturday? : Spending time with friends, visiting local coffee shops, or rock climbing 
  • What’s your favorite place you have traveled? : Antigua, Guatemala