LifeSquire Holiday Traditions

For the last post of the 2016 holiday season, we wanted to do something special. As much fun as the baking and shopping and wrapping can be, one of parts we truly love about Christmas are the traditions. Some seem to be pretty common - anyone ever do the matching pajamas? But some of them are unique to a family or group of friends. We asked our staff tell share one of their favorite Christmas traditions, be it old or new. Maybe it will inspire you, or maybe it will just bring a little warmth to your heart. We want to wish the merriest of Christmases to you and your family! And we hope you enjoy reading about some of our special moments.


My family has always opened gifts on Christmas Eve and watched A Christmas Story. Then we opened stockings on Christmas morning. It's a tradition that I have now carried over into my marriage.


Every Christmas Eve in my dad's family we order a ton of cheap burritos from Taco Bueno and eat chips with a special dipping sauce my grandpa makes. 


For the last several years I've been having Christmas Eve dinner with my brother, Jordan, and his girlfriend, Lily. We make mulled wine, build a fire and play games.


Ever since I can remember, when Christmas morning came, my siblings and I would have to complete a series of games and puzzles before we could open our presents. Sometimes they were riddles, charades, a short scavenger hunt... basically anything to get all us kids laughing and working together. My mom still makes us do it even though we're all grown! It's my favorite part of Christmas morning.


I love to bake for my family and friends!


My brother and I convince my parents every year that we should open our presents on Christmas Eve because "the fun is basically over." It works every time.


Every year my mom would let us open one present on Christmas Eve after we got home from family Christmas parties. That present would ALWAYS be new pajamas so we looked cute in pictures Christmas morning.


We would get together with all our extended family and eat a huge dinner and play cards and board games afterwords. Then we would all go to the movies the day after Christmas!