LifeSquire Favorites: Christmas Edition

When this time of year comes around, there are a lot of reasons to be happy. It's different for everyone. Maybe you get excited about getting gifts. Maybe the thought of gathering with family and friends makes your heart happy. Or maybe it's just the overall joyful and giving spirit that makes you smile. One of our favorite things about the season is memories; remembering old friends and childhood Christmases. Not to mention sharing time with the ones we love now, so we can make more memories. For this post, some of our LifeSquires share their favorite Christmas songs, gifts, and books: all things that make up some of their best Christmas memories.


Christmas song: Any Christmas song sung by N*Sync

Christmas book/movie: A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation

Gift received: My iPod nano that my parents gave me 10 years ago. I haven't added any music to it in about 5 years but it's my go to whenever I'm cleaning and want some throwback music.


Christmas song: "Blue Christmas" (Elvis)

Christmas book/movie: White Christmas, Christmas Vacation

Gift received: Favorite gift I ever got was my first camera. It was just a cheap point and shoot, but up until then I'd only had disposable cameras. Took that camera with me everywhere. 


Christmas song: "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" (Sufjan Stevens)

Christmas book/movie: The Polar Express

Gift received: I can't think of any gifts that really stand out in my mind. Anytime I get to spend time with my family laughing, eating, watching movies, eating, playing games and eating is a gift!


Christmas song: "Angels We Have Heard on High"

Christmas book/movie: Love Actually

Gift received: Brita Water Filter when I was 8. I actually got two, because it was the only thing I would say I wanted for Christmas. Also, my kitten Guy Smiley when I was about 4 years old. We had also gotten bikes that year from Santa. We found Guy Smiley because he managed to knock over all the bikes first thing in the morning.


Christmas song: "Last Christmas" (Wham!)

Christmas book/movie: The Polar Express. Not because I like the story (or even remember it) to be honest, but because when I was little and my dad was gone on a business trip, he brought that book home for me as a gift. And it felt extra special because he thought about me when he was away! And I had missed him a lot!

Gift received: My parents got me a brand new car for Christmas and it was great because my car was totaled a few months before. Also because it made my brother mad. 


Christmas song: "Let It Snow"

Christmas book/movie: The Night Before Christmas

Gift received: The best gift I've ever gotten was my first car, a '94 (same year I was born) manual soft top Jeep Wrangler with a straight six engine. We opened presents at 4am that morning and I fell back asleep in that car.


Christmas song: "Carol of the Bells", "Baby It's Cold Outside"

Christmas book/movie: It's A Wonderful Life

Gift received:  It was our first Christmas here in Oklahoma away from our extended family and my parents flew my cousin out here as a surprise so we could be together for the holiday. And it snowed! 


Christmas song: "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" (Frank Sinatra)

Christmas book/movie: The Polar Express, Elf

Gift received: I can't remember exactly how old I was, but when I was a kid, Santa sent a gift to "the kids" (me and my brothers and sisters). When we opened it, it was a bunch of Wii controllers and we thought, "He messed up! He gave us all these games and controlled but we don't have a Wii!" Then after we opened all our other presents, there was one hidden in the back - guess what is was? We all flipped out!