Clutter Crazy


Clutter, we all have it. You know that one junk drawer where that one thing you needed one time is? It’s full of batteries, old pens, and maybe a birthday card your kids made you. You never really want to open that drawer, but cleaning it out just seems like such a hassle. So you leave it, but you always know it’s there. Interestingly enough research shows that clutter in your house (or garage) even if you don’t see it is stressing you out. Forget the adage, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that you aren’t thinking about it. Clutter can be very overwhelming. That one drawer can be full of the most random things that have no rhyme or reason. Those boxes in the garage could take you on a memory lane marathon. So how do we get rid of clutter (and the underlying stress it creates) in our home? Here are some quick tips. 

- Don’t bite off more than you can chew. 

Don’t decide that you are going to clear the whole garage in a day or even that you will tackle the whole house in one weekend. Create a plan that allows you to tackle clutter in small stages. 

- You don’t need to be the lone ranger.

Clutter can be hard to deal with on your own. Ask a friend to come over and help you to avoid that memory lane trip. Having someone there to encourage you and keep you focused will make the work quick and painless.

- Just keep swimming. 

It may seem incredibly overwhelming and you may be tempted to leave in the middle of the project. Don’t do that! You will feel much better when you finish the area you intended to finish. You can even treat yourself to a glass of wine after you finish. 

- Simplify.

When going through a drawer, box, or any cluttered area sort things into three piles: Keep, Donate, and Trash. Don’t spend too much time contemplating where things will go, just go with your gut. 

- Set yourself up for success.

When you are putting away the things that you have decided to keep assign them specific places. Use organizational tools and tubs to sort things. Label where the various items should be, and stick to it. Remember, you are not alone in the clutter battle. It may seem overwhelming, but you really can de-clutter your house. Take it one step at a time and your house will be clutter free in no time.