Fall is for fun: October happenings in Oklahoma City


Different places around the Oklahoma City Metro are jumping on board with the changing weather and are hosting fall events. From outdoor pumpkin patches to haunted houses, there are so many things to do this season. So grab your comfiest sweater, your pumpkin spice latte, and get out to enjoy one of the best times of the year.

Here are a few of our favorite events that are happening this year:

Pumpkinville at Myriad Gardens

Pumpkinville is celebrating all things pumpkin and fall this season. On top of the imaginative displays, events are happening every weekend, such as crafts, story time, and a cider press.  This event continues until Oct. 22.

Pirate Island at Riversport Adventures

Pirate Island is a kid-friendly event that features inflatables, treasure hunting, and a youth adventure zone down by the Oklahoma River. This event is open weekends until Oct. 29. 

Fall Fun at Orr Family Farm

The Orr Family Farm is celebrating all things fall. Enjoy events like the corn maze, zombie paintball, fireworks, and so much more. This event is open weekends until Oct. 28. 

Trail of Fears: Voodoo in the Bayou

Head to the Little River Park for a fright when you walk through their haunted trail. This event is best suited for children ages 12 and up, younger children must be accompanied by an adult. This event is one night only, on Oct. 20. 

An Affair of the Heart

Make your way to the fairgrounds to see unique crafts, sample delicious foods, browse antiques, and more during the three-day shopping event.  An Affair of the Heart is held Oct. 20-22.

Haunt the Zoo

Dress up in costume as a family and head to the Oklahoma City Zoo for Haunt the Zoo. You will visit fantasy-themed booths, stop for photo ops, and trick-or-treating. Haunt the Zoo is on Oct. 21 & 22. 

Pooch Parade

On Oct. 22 at the Myriad Gardens, there will be a Pooch Parade. Dress your dog up and take him or her over to the park. Judges will pick the best costumes. 

Brick or Treat

More than 40 Bricktown businesses will be hosting Trick-or-Treating in downtown Oklahoma City. Dress-up in costume and visit for sweet treats, pumpkin painting, photo booths, and more.  The event to be held Oct. 24. 


If the weather gets too cold, take your trick-or-treating indoors at Penn Square Mall. Costumes are encouraged, but only during the event hours on Oct. 25.

Magic Lantern Celebration

The Paseo Arts District is celebrating with a Magic Lantern Celebration on Oct. 29. Children are invited to come as they are and transform themselves into something magical with the help of local artists. There will also be a costume parade and labyrinth painted on the streets. 


These are only a few of the many events happening in the Oklahoma City area. Don’t forget about haunted houses, trunk-or-treats, and pumpkin patches to liven up your October.

Post written by Deaven Cavnar, Digital Media Strategist.

Fall into the rhythm

The temperatures are starting to change, and the leaves will soon start to follow. Starbucks has brought back the pumpkin spice latte, and well almost everything out now has pumpkin spice. Halloween costumes will start to take over the shelves, and before you know it you will have to drag out your favorite jacket. What we are trying to say is, fall is here. And with fall comes nights on the patio with fire, adventures to pumpkin patches, and possibly haunted houses. But, what goes well with fall adventure? Music, of course. Here is the September LifeSquire playlist. 

We hope you have enjoyed the tunes filling our airwaves lately, and if you have any ideas on how to make our playlists even better, send them our way. We are always updating the lists, so listen often. Also, follow us on Spotify.

Post written by Deaven Cavnar, LifeSquire Digital Media Strategist

Just when you think it can’t get better, the LifeSquire App appears

Photo Sep 01, 1 38 11 PM.jpg

What would you say if LifeSquire could make your life easier? No, no, no we aren’t talking about why you need a personal assistant this time because honestly, we both know you need one. Instead, we are talking about our newest creation, the LifeSquire App.

If you have followed our social media and have subscribed to our newsletters, you’ve heard the rumors it is coming, and we are here to tell you it is now a reality. In fact, you can download it right now from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Why you need the app

The primary goal of the app is to make your life easier with the use of technology. But what does it do? Here are a few ways our app will benefit you:

  • Make your requests easier by filling out to-do lists for your assistant. You can create them for current and present-day tasks and deadlines.
  • When your assistant makes purchases for you, you will be able to track their spending through the app.
  • Worried you are running low on hours? Now you will be notified when your assistant is clocked in for you, and how many hours you have used.
  • Communication with your assistant is super easy. The app allows a chat feature, so you will be able to stay in contact with them.
  • If you need handyman services, you can use the app to make your requests quickly.
  • Each personal assistant has a profile, so you will be able to learn more about yours.
  • Invoices for our service also will be up-to-date.

S.O.S., I need help

Photo Sep 01, 9 28 53 AM.jpg

Our most exciting new feature is the S.O.S. option. If you find yourself in a bind and need help at a moment’s notice, we will have your back. All you have to do is make use of the S.O.S. feature.

When you use the S.O.S. button, a notification will go out to all of our personal assistants that you need help immediately. When this happens, one of the LifeSquires will accept and get to your request immediately.  Rest assured that your task will be fulfilled without delay.

Learn more

If you want to find out more about the LifeSquire app, feel free to contact us for more information on how to use it.


Post written by Deaven Cavnar, LifeSquire Digital Media Strategist

Back-to-School Beats

Summer break may be over, but music will always have your back. And LIfeSquire is going to help you with your back-to-school blues with our newest playlist. 

This playlist is a mix of all things fun. We have new and old tunes that will have you screaming, "that's my jam!" So, put in those earbuds and get ready to jam out to our fresh beats.

We hope you have enjoyed the tunes filling our airwaves lately, and if you have any ideas on how to make our playlists even better, send them our way. We are always updating the lists, so listen often. Also, follow us on Spotify.

Post written by Deaven Cavnar, LifeSquire Digital Media Strategist

Alarm Bells a Ringing, Kids a Screaming: Tips to Get Your Kids Back into Their Routine

back to school.jpg

Summer is ending, and school has started. The kids are eager to learn and get more time with their friends, but by now summer has taken its toll. Your kids got used to the carefree summer life that didn’t involve alarm clocks, bedtimes, or the dreaded homework. They spent most of their days playing outside, going to various activities, and even staying up all night watching movies. But now the time has come, and they must gain some normalcy.

Getting into the vibe of school can be difficult, but after some time they will be back into the swing of things. Even though we know it will take an adjustment period, we thought we would share with you some tips on how to get their routine back.

Take advantage of the night

Taking advantage of their nights can be the best way to have a calm-ish morning. Here are some ways the nights can be used to get ahead:

  • Have them pick out their outfits for the next day.
  • Make sure homework is completed, and their backpack has all of the necessary supplies for the next day.
  • Pack their lunches. Read our Lunch Bites: Tips and Tricks to Make School Lunches Simple
  • Make DIY breakfasts. Set out supplies your kids will need to make themselves breakfast, think cereal, bowls, silverware, fruit, etc.
  • Check the school calendar to finish preparations for the next day.
  • Bath time happens at night. Having your kids bathe at night will not only ensure you get a hot shower, but it will also save you time in the morning.

Create your calendar

Your lives don’t stop once the school bell rings. This means you will still have events on the outside plus school events. Having two separate calendars can make this confusing and cause you to miss events. We suggest that you take your calendar and the school’s calendar and create a centralized one. This will help you stay on track of all your upcoming events.

Stick to the bedtime

Weekends mean they can stay up later, right? This may be true in most cases, but during the early transition, you should have your children stick to the same bedtime every night. Once they get in the habit of this sleep schedule, you can extend the hours for the weekend.

Create a homework station

Setting up a homework station will allow your children to be the most productive they can be. This station should be a dedicated spot in your house that they will always do their homework at. It should have the supplies they may need for most of their assignments, and provide them with a quiet work environment.

Plan those snacks

When the kids get home, the first thing they will want is a snack. They won't be heading to the homework station; instead, they will be opening up the refrigerator. Prepare for this by getting those snacks ready ahead of time. Pack them in snack size bags, so that when they open the refrigerator they have a variety of snacks to pick from.

Alone time

The last thing is to remember that you need some alone time. Getting some time alone will allow you to regain your focus and plan. Everyone needs “me time,” so don’t forget to take advantage of it.

Post written by Deaven Cavnar, LifeSquire Digital Media Strategist

Lunch Bites: Tips and Tricks to Make School Lunches Simple

Your alarm goes off and after hitting snooze three times, you roll out of bed to realize you are late. You still have to get your kids ready, get yourself ready, make breakfast, pack lunches, and somehow make time for coffee. Does this sound like a typical morning? We’ve been there.

Packing lunches for your kids is a chore that must be done, but don’t you wish there was a way to make this task easier? Well, at least less time consuming during your hectic and rushed mornings. So today is your lucky day, LifeSquire is here to give you tips and tricks to make this necessary chore easier.

Make use of leftovers

You cooked that delicious dinner, so don’t let it go to waste. Use your leftovers to create easy to pack lunches for the next day.

Ask the kids

If you find the lunch boxes coming home full of food, chances are your kids aren’t enjoying their meals. Asking what they would in their lunches could help in the long run. They may tell you ten things they like to eat, but this will give an idea that they enjoy a variety of foods. If they tell you one or two things they like, then maybe they just need more of two basic foods.

Lunch calendar

Remember the days of getting the lunch calendar at school? You remember how excited you were on pizza day? Well, you can still bring your kids that joy by making your own lunch calendar. This will help you keep on track, and give them lunches to look forward to.

Stop the browning

If you child prefers sliced apples, you can keep them from browning after slicing by using a rubber band to hold the apple together.

Keep it chill

It is important that lunches stay cool, but instead of purchasing expensive ice packs, there are alternatives. You child will need a drink with lunch, so consider saving room in the lunch pail by freezing the drinks and letting them thaw until lunch time. Alternatively, you can freeze a wet sponge in a sandwich bag to use as an ice pack also.

Let them pick

Pre-package snacks and put them into a plastic container in the fridge. When it is time to pack the lunch, let the kids decide what snacks they want to take. A variety of options and the chance to decide will keep the kids happy and healthy.

Jazz it up

Kids love fun shapes. If your child is a picky eater and doesn’t want to eat what you provide, use cookie cutters to turn their lunches into a work of art. They may be more apt to trying new things if it is in the form of a fun shape.

Make lunches at night

Finally, consider making lunches before bed instead of early in the morning. Your time is often short, you are running around trying to get yourself and your kids ready, and you never know what you may face when the sun rises. Instead of potentially having to hand out lunch money, get those lunches packed before bed to make your mornings a little smoother.

Looking for easy to use lunch accessories?

Here are some of our favorite accessories:

Stackable Meal Prep Containers http://amzn.to/2wzyHCc

Rubbermaid Lunch Blox http://amzn.to/2vryiBC

Cool Coolers Slim Lunch Ice Packs http://amzn.to/2hOT0IC

Neoprene Lunch Bags and Water Bottles http://amzn.to/2vrGaDl

Bento Leak-Proof Lunch Box http://amzn.to/2vs2Sv7


If you don’t have time to do the meal planning or lunch packing, let LifeSquire personal assistants do the job. We will make sure your coffee pot is set, so you’ll have rich caffeinated goodness in the morning.

 Disclosure: This post contains referral links and book bios from Amazon. LIfeSquire may be compensated in exchange for purchases made from links posted on this post.

Post written by Deaven Cavnar, LifeSquire Digital Media Strategist

Tunes to Fuel Your Summer

It's hot and hopefully you are spending as much time at the pool as you can. But what is better than a pool party? A pool party with awesome tunes of course. This is our official invitation to kick back, crank up the radio, and enjoy our playlist for July.

We hope you have enjoyed the tunes filling our airwaves lately, and if you have any ideas on how to make our playlists even better, send them our way. We are always updating the lists, so listen often. Also, follow us on Spotify.

Post written by Deaven Cavnar, LifeSquire Digital Media Strategist

No Need for Travel when You can Staycation

Photo Jul 24, 5 17 17 PM.jpg

Summer is winding down, and it is almost time to head back to school, but that doesn’t mean you have to cancel the fun. Oklahoma offers a lot of amazing places to plan your staycation. So pack the kids up, or steal your significant other away, for a weekend full of fun with our recommendations.



One way to beat the heat is to stay indoors at one of the local museums.  The Oklahoma City Metro Area has a lot of great museums that will boost your knowledge and keep you entertained at the same time.

American Banjo Museum

Skeletons Museum of Osteology

Oklahoma City Museum of Art

National Cowboy & Western Museum

Harn Homestead

Oklahoma Railway Museum

Oklahoma State Firefighters Museum

Science Museum Oklahoma


Adrenaline Rush:

Maybe a racing pulse and a pounding heart is more your style. Oklahoma has a few places that can make your heart beating. Take a trip to any of those places for your adrenaline rush.

Riversport Adventures

Frontier City


iFly Oklahoma City

Climb Up


Beer & Wine:

If you want to go on a bit of a road trip to get a feel for Oklahoma wines and beers, you will be in for a treat. There are so many great adult beverages produced in our state, and here are a few of our favorites:

Summerside Vineyards

Sparks Vineyard

Vernost Wine Co

COOP Ale Works

Mustang Brewery

Twisted Spike


Romantic Getaways:

Maybe you need a little time away with your significant other, but you don’t want to travel too far. Consider taking a long weekend to one of these local romantic getaways.

Quartz Mountain Resort

The Artesian

Arcadian Inn

Stone Lion Inn

21C Museum Hotel


Family Fun:

If you are looking for a little family fun, these places often have events that will keep you coming back for more. Check their calendars, so you will always know what is going on.


Myriad Gardens Events

Oklahoma Aquarium

Orr Family Farm



Maybe being in the outdoors for hiking, swimming, or camping is more your speed. Oklahoma has a lot of beautiful parks for to fulfill all of those needs.

Turner Falls Park

Chickasaw National Recreation Area Oklahoma

Alabaster Caverns State Park

Wichita Mountains Wild Life Refuge

Beavers Bend State Park

Robbers Cave State Park


Post written by Deaven Cavnar, LifeSquire Digital Media Strategist

Let LifeSquire do the Hiring Work

As a business owner, manager, or entrepreneur you often find yourself surrounded by a diverse group of people that work together to conquer goals and help the business grow. These people often have specialized skills that are an integral part of your company.  But, some positions may be overlooked, the executive assistant, receptionist, and administrative assistant.

These positions aren’t just for answering the phone and filing your paperwork; instead, these positions enhance your productivity and create strength where there are weaknesses. They can help with staff morale and keep everyone motivated. They bring the calm to your busy workday.

Another important part of your staff, if you have kids, is your nanny. This person is in charge of your child and caring for them when you are working or otherwise busy. Your child’s nanny plays an important part of your child’s life, so it is important to get the very best.

So you may be thinking to yourself, I am already super busy working and spending time with my family how do I create more time to find, interview, and hire the support staff I need?

The answer is: You don’t have to, LifeSquire can help. We have successfully placed administrative assistants, receptionists, and nannies for busy people who just don’t have the time to do it.

How can we help?

LifeSquire is now offering services for hiring the support staff that you may need. Here is a brief overview of what we will provide:

• We will advertise and recruit potential team members. We will even make use of our own social media connections if necessary to find you the best candidate.

• After we receive resumes, we will sort through them and provide them with extra questioning.

• Once we have received the questions back, we will determine which candidates qualify for our personality survey. The LifeSquire personality test was crafted by a psychologist specifically for our needs. We also have them take the Gallup StrengthFinders test.

• We will comb through the results again, and if we feel like they are a potential candidate, we will bring them in for an initial interview.

• If we still feel like they are a good fit for you, we will provide you with the information you have collected, and we will schedule a time with you to introduce you to the candidate.  

• A full background check can be arranged as well.

We also offer our own assistant training, so that your new employee is ready to go if you’d like that feature. If you decided to go with this feature, your employee would also have access to us for referrals and help, and he or she would also be able to attend further training classes we offer to our personal assistants.

Our goal is to provide you with a qualified candidate all while you stay focused on your goals. We truly believe that life awaits, and this is just one more way we can help you.

Post written by Deaven Cavnar, LifeSquire Digital Media Strategist

Beat the Heat with the LifeSquire Summer Reading List

Photo Jun 27, 5 37 32 PM.jpg

It’s the end of June and we are about to reach Defcon 5 in the temperature department. It’s getting hot y’all. One way we have found to beat the heat is to get lost in a good book.

At LifeSquire you can almost always find our noses stuck in a book when we aren’t helping our clients. So whether you are heading to the beach, have a long road trip, or are just hiding from the sun we highly recommend picking up one of these reads.

Disclosure: This post contains referral links and book bios from Amazon. LIfeSquire may be compensated in exchange for purchases made from links posted on this post.