Why technology can’t replace your assistant

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As technology advances, offices are constantly changing. It’s no lie that smart assistants are rapidly joining the workplace, and they are quite attractive. They offer the freedom to talk to your phone, they will place orders for you, they will research topics for you, they will set-up conference calls without much effort, and they even offer help without having to pay a salary.

And while this all sounds very nice, the reality is that this technology just can’t do it all. Your assistant does way more for you than the Alexas, Siris, and Google Homes of the world. So before you start thinking about cutting that salary, we want to explain why your assistant is more beneficial to you than you think.

The right connection

Building a strong connection with your assistant is important.  With a strong connection comes good communication and mind reading. Ok, so not really mind reading, but instead anticipating your needs. How would it make you feel to have someone that knew exactly what you needed before you even knew it?

For example, your assistant will see on your calendar that you have a meeting with XYZ client and can pull all of the files and history you may need about the client and the topic for the meeting. Instead of having to go to your assistant’s desk and ask for those materials, the materials will be there waiting. This is the kind of connection that is important in the assistant/boss relationship.

With a smart assistant, you have to tell it everything you want and sometimes more. And even after you ask, there is a chance the information it provides will still be inaccurate. Questions have to be said in short, extremely clear sentences instead of in the language you are accustomed to. Your smart assistant can’t read your mind, and it will never shave time off of your day by anticipating your needs.


Smart assistants just aren’t that smart. There, we said it. How many times have you pulled out your phone and asked Siri a question and she gave you the most random answer? No Siri, I didn’t ask for computer reliability, I asked for company resilience. While Siri does her best, she just can’t keep up.

You can spend your time arguing with your phone about what subject you really need, or you can hand it over to your assistant. Your assistant won’t be holding a magic wand that convinces Siri to look up the right information, but he/she could easily find the information or more for you while you get back to other tasks and forget about your phone.

Until technology gets smart enough to distinguish accents and other speech barriers, you can’t rely on a smart assistant to always find the answers you seek.

Calendar control

When running your own business, your calendar quickly becomes the life source of your job.  Without a proper calendar you could lose track of your meetings, overbook, or constantly stay in a state of confusion. So why not have your smart assistant handle it?

That sounds good in theory, but your smart assistant won’t truly have control of your calendar. Sure it can add and remove tasks off of your schedule, and send reminders, but that is about the extent of it. A good assistant can maintain your schedule, prepare you for meetings, rearrange your schedule when needed, can reschedule canceled appointments, book travel arrangements for upcoming trips, and anticipate all of your needs with calendar access.

Task matters

We don’t have to tell you that your smart assistant abilities are very limited, but we are going to tell you anyway. Having a real assistant provides more benefits to you than an Alexa.

Your assistant will come with a varied background, and with the LifeSquire Academy training program they will know how to help you in both your office and your home.  This type of work can range from making copies, working on projects, doing errands, and so much more.

Since your smart assistant is a piece of technology and it cannot help you with all of your needs. This means that you will be putting in more hours to fulfill them. More work means less family and personal time. That leads to higher stress levels and unhappiness. It’s a spiral that can easily be stopped with support from the right person.   

In the end

You have a lot on your plate, and while a smart assistant is an asset that will benefit your company, it isn’t one that can replace your assistant.  Your assistant is the support system that helps give you your time back, so don’t be lured by the hype of a smart assistant. Until we enter the IRobot era, you need your assistant more than your phone.

If you need help finding the perfect assistant or if you need help training your current assistant, contact LifeSquire, your resource for all things assistant.


Post written by Deaven Cavnar, Digital Media Specialist

Here are five things you aren’t disinfecting, and why you should

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It’s no secret that Influenza has hit us hard this year. Schools have closed for sick days, hospitals have long wait times, and there is a high chance that someone in your family has been ill this season. Recently, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that 42 states in the United States have high Influenza activity; Oklahoma is included.

Even though you may want to wear a mask and gloves whenever you walk outside of your bubble, we hate to break the news that your home could be just as germy as the public places you visit. Yep, you read that right. You may be going after the normal spots with the Clorox Wipes to prevent another round of illness, but have you considered sanitizing these five areas?

Bottom of shoes

Your shoes carry you everywhere, so it only makes sense that they also carry a lot of germs. Don’t bring the school playground or the grocery store germs into your house. Instead, leave your shoes at the door and take a few minutes to sanitize the bottoms before they get too far into your house. A simple way to disinfect your shoes is by spraying Lysol on the bottom or using an antibacterial wipe.

Television and Game System Remotes

When the illness hits, the last thing you want to do is get out of bed. So what happens? You lie in bed, and you watch television or play video games. And while you are mending, you keep using the remotes, but do you ever sanitize them? Another family member may grab those remotes, and then your germs have spread. Your remotes are considered “high traffic areas,” but they usually don’t get a lot of cleaning attention.


Even though you’re sick, the dentist still makes you brush your teeth. But every time you pop your toothbrush into your mouth you are facing possible reinfection. Cleaning your toothbrush will help lower the risk of getting sick again. Just boil your toothbrush for three minutes, and it will kill most of the germs hiding in your brush.

Doorknobs and Light Switches

While touching doorknobs or light switches may not seem like the culprits of a germ infestation, it’s very possible that they are. Target the high traffic areas like bedrooms and bathrooms first, and use an antibacterial wipe for quick sanitization.

Cell phone

Your cell phone goes everywhere with you; you constantly use it without washing your hands, you may even take it into the bathroom with you. Your cell phone can be germ carrier without you even realizing it. You should do a deep clean on your phone to get rid of all the hidden bacteria. Unfortunately, you can’t just spray a cleaner on your phone and call it good, so make sure you follow instructions from the manufacturer before you begin.

The bottom line is that germs are everywhere, and it may be hard to keep them out of your house, but you do have a fighting chance. Keep the flu out, and stay healthy. If you need help with sanitizing your home, your personal assistant can take on that task.  Stay healthy, everyone.

Post written by Deaven Cavnar, Digital Media Strategist

8 simple ways to remain committed to your 2018 goals


January is the best time of the year to determine what you plan to accomplish. It is the time of refresh, renew, and change. Some say you have to have all of your goals ready by January 1st, but that simply isn’t true. Instead, this month you should focus on the goals and plan your path to achieve them. That is why we are providing you with eight simple ways to stick to your goals this year.

Choose realistic goals

There is nothing wrong with seeing the big picture, but sometimes you have to scale it back to get to that dream. When picking your goals, remember to pick ones you can actually achieve in a year or whatever time frame you have set in mind. If you don’t set goals that are achievable, you will quickly give up and never achieve them. How do you create realistic goals? By taking that big dream and breaking it up into actionable steps. Your first goal will be the first step.

Write down your goals

There is something to be said for writing down things on paper. Not only does it help you remember the things you have learned, but it also can be used as a daily reminder of what you are trying to accomplish. Don’t type out your goals, instead get out the trusty notebook and pen and handwrite each of your goals.  Post the paper somewhere you will see it regularly, that way you never forget what you are working to achieve.

“Step one, write your goals down. Step two, look at them every single day,” said Valerie Riley, Founder of LifeSquire.

Block out time

Put your goals at the forefront of your mind by scheduling time to work on them. You will be surprised what 15 minutes a day can do for your success rate. Of course, some goals may require more time, so make sure you schedule the amount necessary to achieve greatness.

Repeat until it is a habit

Once you have time set aside, the next step is to stick to it. Even when you don’t feel like working on your goals, just remind yourself it is a short amount of time and commit to it. Once you do this over and over again, it becomes a habit and apart of your routine. This is where the miracle happens, and you start to see results from these actions.

Use your social support system

Don’t be afraid to get others involved with your goals. If you need help, ask for it. If you want some motivation, your friends and family can be your biggest encouragement. Telling people what you are trying to achieve, will garner you the support you need even when you feel like you are failing at it. Try to be open with those around you. If you want an outsiders perspective, because honestly sometimes your loved ones are too nice, consider looking for Facebook groups that will provide a support system for that particular goal topic.

“I am a big dreamer, so I always have to ask for help in execution and accountability of my goals, or I get in the vision,” says Riley.

And while your family and friends will always support you, don’t forget your personal assistant is there to help you as well. Your personal assistant will help you with whatever you need to succeed. If you aren’t sure how they can help, take a peek at the “How LifeSquire can Help You with your New Year Resolutions” post. 

Download an app

Technology has taken over our world so much that there is more than likely an app that will help you with your specific goals. From weight loss to writing there is an app for that. So if you find yourself struggling, consider looking in your app store to see if there is something there that can help.

Remain focused on the why

Even with a fail-safe plan, there will be days you feel like you just can’t do it, that you should give up, or that you will never be successful. But the way to get that out of your head is to think about why you have picked that goal, why you are working to achieve it, and what the outcome will be. Your goals were important to you the day you set them, and even when you are discouraged, they are still important. Don’t forget that.

Reward yourself

As you reach milestones, don’t forget to reward yourself with something. When you are at work, and you accomplish big goals, you are often rewarded, so why not do that in your personal life as well? Celebrate your wins, because you deserve it.

Post written by Deaven Cavnar, Digital Media Specialist



Goals Tip Sheet

Commit and achieve your goals this year. Download our handy goal tip sheet below to help keep you on track when motivation gets tough and you need to refocus.

How LifeSquire can Help You with Your New Year Resolutions

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The start of a new year is arguably one of the best times to begin something new.  It is the perfect time to reflect on yourself and make personal goals for growth and change.  Now is the time to not only figure out what you want to accomplish but plan out a path for success this year.

Unfortunately, life and work can get in the way, and your goals can end up farther and farther down the list until they no longer exist. But did you know that your personal assistant can help you stay on track? Here’s how:

Do it All

When you hear, “do it all,” you instantly think of that bucket list you have been making for years now, but that isn’t what we mean. Instead, we want you to be able to do all of the things in your day-to-day life that you want to do. That means becoming the best boss, attending your children’s concerts and games, going to events around the city you want to attend, and anything else you rarely have time to do. But how do you accomplish that? You make more time. Hand over your chores to your personal assistant so that you can make time for other things you want to do.

Relax More

Relaxing is important to your health, and this year we hope that you will take more time to do just like that. Not only does relaxing help rejuvenate you, but it also protects your heart, it lowers your risk of getting a cold, it boosts your memory, lowers your risk of a stroke, and many other beneficial things. So, as you can see, relaxation is important.  Make 2018 the year you focus on making time for relaxing by giving your personal assistant more tasks.

For more tips on how to relax more, read our 8 Healthy Habits for a Relaxing Life post.

Eat More Healthily

It’s tough to eat healthy when the days are loaded with chores, work, and taking care of the kids. Don’t forget having to go to the grocery store and then actually cooking the food. Your personal assistant can take command of the kitchen and handle your meal planning.  Personal assistants will take your grocery list, pick up all of the food, prepare and put it away for you. Your personal assistant can also help with cooking your meals, so you don’t have to worry about doing it after a long day of work.  Packing lunches and healthy snacks will also become obsolete when your personal assistant is in control.


Getting more exercise is often a resolution people make each year. And while your personal assistant doesn’t come with a personal trainer license, she can help you find the perfect trainer for you. She can also find you a gym that fits your needs, and she will make sure you schedule exercise time as often as you want it.

Get Organized

Let’s beat the clutter and get organized this year. Home, office, and even digital organization are easy with the help of your personal assistant. You won’t have to do the dirty work; you will instead reap the benefits. Our personal assistants are professionally trained in organization, and they will get your life organized as quickly as possible.

Spend Quality Time with Family

From events in the city, to soccer games, to summers at the waterpark, you can do it all this year. Your kids will see you as the super mom and dad (we will even find you a cape). Being super doesn’t take a lot of work, it just takes your time. Put your assistant to work with finding local fun activities, making reservations, getting passes, packing picnics, gathering supplies, and whatever else you may need to make your quality time shine.

Travel somewhere new

See new sites and travel without the stress. There are so many amazing places to see in this world, and maybe you have had your eyes on a new location. Give your personal assistant the dates, location, and things you want to do, and we will plan your dream vacation. Hate packing? We can handle that too. You will just show up at the airport and travel in style.


These are just a few resolutions that you may make to start 2018 off, but we do wish you all success with all of your goals this year. Let us know how we can help you. Good luck and Happy New Year.


Post written by Deaven Cavnar, DIgital Media Specialist

10 Christmas Traditions that will make your heart cheery

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When people say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, they aren’t lying. You hear stories about people coming together to help one another, you see people giving back to the community, people often have a pep in their step, and even though you may hate hanging up those Christmas lights, they bring a smile to your face whenever you see them.

But one thing you don’t see during your trips to the toy stores or standing in line at the Post Office is the holiday traditions. It is said that traditions are important because they create a strong family bond and life-long memories. Not sure what traditions you should start? Here are ten traditions to begin: 

Christmas movie surprises

Wrap up some of the Christmas movies you already own. Sit down with your family and pick a movie out of the pile. Unwrap and watch it.

Put together a night before Christmas box

Put together a box of items you can use to prepare for the arrival of Santa. Consider items like snacks, pajamas, movies, games, and anything else that promises a fun evening.

Send a letter or card of gratitude

A lot of people protect this country, and they would love to hear from you. Visit Operation Gratitude for more information on how you can send soldiers, veterans, and first responders thank yous.

Create Christmas hope notes

Before you put the stockings away, have each member of your family write a note about something they hope will happen before next Christmas. Wait until Christmas day the following year to read and share the notes.

Christmas crafts              

Get out the paints, glitter, and whatever else you need to make the perfect Christmas crafts. Surf Pinterest for craft ideas the whole family can enjoy. Leading up to Christmas, schedule a craft night with your friends and family.

Get a new ornament every year

Find an ornament every year that has special meaning to your family. Whether you snag one from a vacation you enjoyed, see one that memorializes a special moment or even just one from your favorite show, you will add something special to your tree annually. You can even grab a Sharpie and write on it the year you purchased it.

Christmas baking

Do you have recipes you have to make every Christmas? Maybe you’re the only one that can make it the way you do? Instead of letting that recipe disappear, gather your children or close family members and bake the item together. This will create lasting memories and a fondness for the special dish.

Christmas donation

Since Christmas brings new presents and toys, go through your home and find at least one item per family member to donate to a local charity. Giving back to the community not only makes you feel good, but it also is a great way to celebrate the gift of the holiday season.

Make a gingerbread house

Creating a gingerbread house has never been easier. So many stores sell kits, so all you have to do is the fun part. Grab a kit and spend the night decorating the house. Try your best to keep the candy on the house and out of your mouth.

Send out Christmas cards

In this day and age, everything is so digital we have almost forgotten how nice it is to receive something in the mail. So to fight the digital takeover, grab some cards and handwrite a message to your loved ones.


Now it’s your turn to share some of your Christmas traditions with us on our social media pages. Merry Christmas everyone!


Post Written by Deaven Cavnar, Digital Media Strategist

Tis the season for a holiday helper

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And while it is the time of the year we all look forward to, it also can bring a lot of stress. Ugh, stress. But instead of being a stress ball just waiting for the holidays to be over, you can be as bright as your star tree topper.

LifeSquire personal assistants are available to help with your everyday tasks and holiday preparation. Hand us the tasks so that you can focus on your family and the gatherings that will bring your holiday cheer all month long. Not sure how we can help during this time of year? Here are a few ways a personal assistant can help you:


Nothing puts you in the holiday mood like holiday decorations. From Christmas trees to table décor, the holiday spirit will brighten everyone’s day. While putting the ornaments on the Christmas tree is the fun part, the set-up isn’t. Your personal assistant can get the set-up done, so your family can decorate the tree after dinner.

Gift purchasing and wrapping

During the next month, the lines at the checkout counters will get longer and longer as people purchase gifts for their friends and family. Gift-giving is one of the best feelings in the world, but shopping all day can be taxing. Did you know your personal assistant is available to purchase and return gifts for you?

Also, LifeSquire personal assistants recently took a training class on gift wrapping, so you could pretty much call us experts. So instead of letting those gifts pile up for a last minute wrap fest, let us know you need help. You’ll be able to focus on your family instead of the wrapping.

Pet and babysitting

Holiday parties and holiday travel become worry-free and fun when you use LifeSquire. You can schedule LifeSquires to take care of your pets and children without fear. Our assistants are CPR certified and have experience with both child and pet care.

Party planning

Tis the season for holiday parties, family gatherings, and a lot of fun. If you need help with planning your events, have your personal assistant help. Not only do our assistants love planning a party, we also have trusted vendors to ensure your party goes smoothly.

Grocery shopping and food preparation

Loading up the list and having your food put away has never been easier. Create a task on our app and put a checklist of items you need from the store. LifeSquire personal assistants will pick up the groceries you need and organize your cabinets too. You can also have our assistants help you with meal preparation and baking. If ordering holiday dinner is more your style, let your assistant know so they can get your order in ASAP.

Office support

Not only is this the season for celebration, but it is also the season for vacation. A lot of workers are using their vacation time to see family members or just to get away. With a lot of people away, you may need extra help in the office. Let LifeSquire know if you need one of our assistants to fill-in and provide administrative help.


There are a number of things our assistants can do for you, just let us know what kind of help you need. For more information about personal assistants read our FAQ page

Post written by Deaven Cavnar, Digital Media Strategist

November is a gift and a reason to be thankful

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As November has snuck its way in, your Facebook and Twitter timelines have been full of reasons why people are thankful. It’s no secret; this is the month to reflect on your life and express why you are grateful. And that is why we think November is one of the most inspirational months of the year.

As much as we’d love to sit at your dining room tables and celebrate Thanksgiving with you, we have families who want to see us. So, we decided to take a few moments to share with you why we are thankful this year. So put down your turkey leg for just a few minutes, and have a read.


 “I am thankful for my son, Liam, and husband, Ty! They are my people! I'm also incredibly thankful for my work family and the gift they have given me to be able to work and be apart of the LifeSquire family and still be with Liam.” ~ Lauren


“I'm grateful for changing seasons and new beginnings, my dear husband, and my friends and family.” ~ Jalaena


“I'm thankful for the two best dogs in the world and a supportive friend group that feels more like family.” ~ Jae


“I’m thankful for my dog-son Cash and how much joy he brings us, for the great season OU has been having (knock on wood), for John and how well he takes care of me, and that I have a job that I love to go to every day.”
~ Ally


“I'm thankful for friends and family who have shown up and been supportive of me throughout the year. Whether I'm happy or cranky, I have people who are always there.” ~ Katie


“I'm thankful for my family and being able to love on so many dogs because of this job.” ~ Liz


“This year has been incredibly difficult for me personally.  I'm forever thankful that I'm surrounded by such encouraging family and friends and for all of the grace that they've shown me.” ~ Ashlyn


“This year I am most thankful for my daughter. After almost two years in the foster care system, we were finally able to become a forever family. At only two years old, she has taught me more about love, understanding, forgiveness, perseverance, and patience than I had ever known before. She is my most treasured gift, and I will forever be thankful for the opportunity to be her mother.” ~ Brea


“I'm thankful for all of the men and women in the armed forces who are away protecting our freedoms, especially during the holidays. I’m thankful for my husband’s health and safety while he is deployed. I’m thankful to be close to my family, for my dogs and my home, and for my friends.”
~ Allison


Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!


Post written by Deaven Cavnar, Digital Media Strategist

Thanksgiving preparation tips to make your celebration flawless

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Can you believe it? It is almost Thanksgiving. We aren’t really sure what happened with the last few months, but they are flying by. But, this is no time to panic. You have plenty of time to create the perfect holiday feast.

Since time is of the essence, we thought you might want a little help with organizing your time up until the big day.  So we consulted the pros, the LiveSquire Mavens, and put together the perfect schedule for your dinner prep. Here is what we suggest to keep you on track:

One week ahead:

  • Confirm your guest list.
  • Check to make sure you have enough tables and chairs for your guests.
  • Make sure you have all of the serving dishes, flatware, and glassware that you need.
  • Clean the items that need to be washed, so they are ready for the big day.
  • Finish up the decorations.
  • Buy your nonperishable food items.
  • If children are coming, collect items to keep them entertained.
  • Check thawing time on the turkey to make sure you give it plenty of time to thaw.
  • Thaw the turkey when it is appropriate.
  • Start deep cleaning and organizing the house
  • Create a plan for dinner leftovers. Get containers for storage.

Two days ahead:

  • Put all of the beverages in the refrigerator so they will be chilled for dinner.
  • If you are getting real flowers for the table, today is the day to buy them.
  • Make a trip to the store to grab all of those perishable items you will need for cooking.
  • Clean your vegetables. Slice and prep the vegetables that won’t brown.
  • If you are making it homemade, today is the day to make the cranberry sauce.
  • Put up your decorations if you haven’t already.

One day ahead

  • Prepare the ingredients for the stuffing.
  • Peel and place potatoes in a pot of cold water. Put the pot in the refrigerator.
  • Prepare any dishes that can be done early. Desserts can almost always be made early.
  • Do a light round of house cleaning and make sure there are extra paper goods for the bathroom.
  • Set the table exactly how you want it.
  • Set-up the area where the drinks and desserts will be, don’t forget to include cups, flatware, and plates.
  • Find a place for your guests to put their coats and handbags.

The big day

  • Start the day by cooking the turkey. Make sure to follow the directions.
  • Assign someone to answer the door, so that you won’t have to worry about it while cooking.
  • Finish preparation for the side dishes and start cooking.
  • Fill condiment dishes with items you may need. Cover them and put them in the refrigerator until they are needed.
  • If you run out of burner spaces, heat up side dishes in the microwave quickly.
  • Heat rolls and other bread items before dinner and as needed.
  • Pour the drinks and slice the turkey.
  • Enjoy !


If you don’t have time to do all of these things and believe me we understand, we have personal assistants that will help you get everything ready for the big day.


Post written by Deaven Cavnar, Digital Media Specialist

S.O.S., can someone please help me?

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Have you ever felt like you’ve been stuck on a desert island with a ton of things to do, but no one can help? How would you like to have a lifeboat available anytime you needed it? Instead of collecting all of the rocks to write S.O.S. in the sand and hoping for a plane to fly by, you can send it to us. LifeSquire spent a year building that lifeboat just for you.

Now you can send all of the LifeSquire personal assistants an S.O.S. request, and we will send all of the support you need. S.O.S. help is available from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.  seven days a week. This service is all possible through our app. You can download it right now from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Sign up

If you are a current client, you should already have access to the app, but we are also allowing others to use us for the S.O.S. feature. To request access to this service, send an email request to info@lifesquire.com.

Do you need help?

When you use the S.O.S. button, a notification will go out to all of our personal assistants that you need help immediately. One of the LifeSquires will accept and stop what they are doing to get to your request immediately.  Rest assured that your task will be fulfilled without delay.   Here are examples of how this new feature can help you:

  • Your children forgot their lunch or school project at home.
  • You have a meeting or have to work late, and your children need to be picked up from school or daycare.
  • It’s time to celebrate a birthday or anniversary and need a gift immediately.
  • You are planning a date night or dinner meeting and need reservations.
  • A great party is happening, and you are running low on cups, ice, beverages, etc. for the event.
  • After visiting your doctor, you need to have your prescriptions to be picked up.
  • When your major appliances need repair, and you need someone to schedule or meet them at your home.
  • You the S.O.S.  when you need last minute babysitting.
  • You need an item shipped immediately.
  • Your catering order for a luncheon needs to be ordered and picked up.
  • You’re getting ready for an important function, and your dry cleaning is still at the shop.

Learn more

If you want to find out more about the LifeSquire app and the S.O.S capabilities, please visit the LifeSquire App page.

Post written by Deaven Cavnar, Digital Media Strategist.