The ideal assistant

Backed by eight years of assistant experience, LifeSquire has developed a professional online (coming soon) or on location training program for those in support roles, such as: Executive or Administrative Assistants, Office Managers, Receptionists, or even home help like nannies or personal assistants. Through this training program, your support staff will learn how to meet and exceed your expectations.

Preview the course

Here is a sneak peak of the lessons LifeSquire Academy has put together for this course:

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  • The meaning of a personal assistant

  • Psychology of personal assistants

  • Etiquette

  • Professional boundaries

  • Organizational styling

  • Time management

In addition to the lessons, you will have access to practical videos, ongoing education, an opportunity to join the LifeSquire Association, and more.


Meet Your Team

The LifeSquire Academy was founded and hand-crafted by a team of experienced assistants who care about the assistants as much as the clients.


Valerie Riley


Valerie created LifeSquire when she saw an industry need after working as an assistant for 7 years. Her team describes her as passionate, ambitious, and driven. Valerie wholly embodies the company’s motto: Be a Blessing. Her generous heart and vivacious spirit make her a blessing to both her clients and her staff, inspiring and empowering them every day.

Strengths: 1. Competition 2. Strategic 3. Futuristic 4. Achiever 5. Activator

Years in the industry: 16


Katie Gibbons


Katie’s deep understanding of the curriculum is rooted in her ability to read people and her many years of experience on the job. She consistently anticipates client needs and the needs of her team, keeping everyone happy and everything running smoothly. This strategic mastermind is an amazing asset to the LifeSquire team and a wonderful wealth of practical knowledge and skills.

Strengths: 1. Individualization 2. Relator
3. Strategic 4. Achiever 5. Self-Assurance

Years in the industry: 4


What graduates are saying

Everything taught in LifeSquire Academy is essential information based off years of experience everyone can benefit from to become a better you in all aspects of life.
— Kaci G.
Being new to the personal assistant world, I was a little intimidated. But after going through LifeSquire Academy, I felt like I gained all of the necessary tools and information to really be the best assistant I could be to my clients. There are a lot of little details that go into this job that you don’t really think about until you are in it. The academy really touched on everything to give me a well-rounded overview on what I could expect and how to do my job effectively and efficiently.
— Chelsi O.
The LifeSquire academy gave me the opportunity to be educated by a fellow LifeSquire! I learned what it means to be a personal assistant as a caregiver, who can be quickly adaptable and ready for every new day. Everything you need to know to be a good assistant is in the academy!
— Katerina V.

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